Our COVID-19 Plan

Sunday Worship Services

During this time, we will meet at our building at 407 N. Broad Street, Lansdale. We have limited space to maintain social distancing, but we have an overflow room as well as a mask-only room.

Children’s Ministry

We will not be providing any Children’s Ministry during the Sunday service at this time. However, children are welcome to be a part of the worship and message. In the meantime, our Children’s Ministry leaders will continue serving our children with their Wednesday Night Connection on zoom and in person at 407 N. Broad St., Lansdale.


We will continue to offer livestream for Sunday services for those who do not feel comfortable participating in group worship at this time. For those with health challenges or otherwise compromised immune systems, it is wise to exercise caution and avoid groups. Our worship service will continue to be livestreamed to facilitate your worship with us while you’re at home.

Face Masks

In response to the most frequently asked question, yes, face masks are strongly advised. Not only is this currently a state order, but as Christians, we will wear our masks out of respect for the health and safety of others, regardless of our personal opinions about this issue. However, some people are unable to wear a mask for personal health reasons and, according to the Order of the Secretary of the PA Department of Health, are not required to wear a mask. While we realize that there are many opinions about this issue, we will strongly advise that masks are worn, but we will not require those with medical restrictions to do so.


Seating will be arranged to allow for social distancing. Our overflow room and mask-only room allow for more space between attendees. 


The details about the way in which we operate on Sunday morning are compliant with Federal, State and Local guidelines, including the CDC’s most recent “Guidance For Communities of Faith.”

Our Public Witness

While we understand the desire to fellowship with one another, we ask that you distance yourself in the parking lot, in order to provide a good witness for passersby. We want our witness to show that we are exercising our right to assemble and worship without appearing to defy the Governor’s orders. 

Please Be Patient With Us

We have never been down this road before, and we want to navigate it carefully. We realize that many of these plans are quite different from our normal church culture. However, as the the state begins to loosen up on its restrictions, we have little doubt we’ll be able to return to something more closely resembling the culture we all love.